Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

How much does ​wisdom teeth removal cost? ​The ​price of wisdom teeth removal depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • The number of wisdom teeth that need removing.
  • The severity of the impaction (fully exposed, partially exposed, etc.) or decay.
  • The anaesthesia required.
  • Your current health insurance policy.
  • Medicare bulk billing eligibility.
You won’t be able to get a ​wisdom teeth removal price w​ithout having first seen an oral surgeon specialising in ​wisdom teeth removal​. You’ll also need x-rays to get a clear understanding of the severity and the best course of action. Dr MacMillan provides wisdom teeth removal in ​Toowoomba and can provide you with a ​wisdom teeth removal cost​ estimate at your consultation. Referred consultations for wisdom teeth extractions are bulk billed. ​

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If you’re looking for options that can help to make the w​isdom teeth removal price​ more convenient to pay, you may be interested in MediPay. For eligible patients, MediPay offers easy payment plans for dental and oral surgery procedures, like ​wisdom teeth removal.​ It takes just 5 minutes to apply, and you can find out whether you’re eligible to manage the w​isdom teeth removal cost​ with MediPay in an hour, with the entire process — application and approval — managed 100% online to make it all quick, easy and convenient for you.

To learn more about ​wisdom teeth removal prices and costs at our​ Toowoomba oral and maxillofacial clinics, ​please contact us today​.