Oroantral Closure

Oroantral fistula ​(OAF) ​closure and oroantral communication​ (OAC) ​closure​ are both manageable with surgical procedures performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Oroantral fistula ​is a relatively uncommon complication in oral surgery that may require further treatment. Fistulas less than 5mm (diameter) may close spontaneously while fistulas larger than 5mm require a surgical​ closure​ (local flap, distant flap or grafting). Oroantral fistula ​may develop if the ​oroantral communication​ is allowed to remain open and doesn’t epithelialise (become covered by epithelial tissue), resulting in the need to close both the ​oroantral fistula and oroantral communication​.

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