Toowoomba Surgicentre

As a patient of Toowoomba Surgicentre, you have the option of completing your admission form online. Please click the following link to access their secure online health portal.

Admission Checklist

Please bring:

  • Health insurance card
  • Medicare card
  • Pension card and/or veteran affairs card
  • Medication
  • Gauze (pre purchased)
  • Ice packs (pre purchased)


The Surgicentre will contact you and let you know when you need to fast.

Planning for going home

A responsible adult must accompany the patient home after a suitable rest period (check with nursing staff how long this will be) and remain with the patient for 24 hours. Travel by taxi or car only. Public transport is NOT to be used to return home following surgery.

You will need icepacks, post-operatively.

What to wear

Wear comfortable, loose clothing.

Contact lenses must be removed. No make-up, jewellery or nail polish is to be worn. The Toowoomba Surgicentre does not accept responsibility for valuables.

Need to re-schedule

Should you develop a cold, sore throat, influenza or any other illness in the days prior to surgery, please telephone the make an alternative appointment.


Aspirin: stop 5 days prior to surgery (contact rooms if not ceased)

Blood Pressure tablets to be taken as normal in the morning with a sip of water only.

Diabetics will be scheduled ahead of non-diabetic patients where possible
  • Blood sugar level reading to be done prior to admission
  • Insulin dosage as follows:
    • 1⁄2 normal insulin for a.m. list, normal dosage for pm list
    • Tablets (oral hypoglycaemics) as normal
Heart tablets to be taken as normal in the morning with a sip of water only


Avoid smoking 24 hours prior to surgery


Should you have any belonging with you, a locker will be provided for these.

Special Instructions

Please purchase your gauze, ice packs and medication prior to surgery and bring with you on the day.