Wisdom Teeth Removal

When your​ wisdom teeth ​don’t grow in smoothly and cause you pain or discomfort, or your dentist recommends ​extraction​ for reasons like infection or impaction, it’s vital to choose the right oral and maxillofacial surgeon providing ​wisdom teeth removal in​ ​Toowoomba​.

Dr Andrew MacMillan is a respected oral and maxillofacial surgeon consulting and operating in ​Toowoomba​ at our conveniently located oral surgery clinic. Dr MacMillan is Southeast Queensland’s leading wisdom tooth extraction ​surgeon specialising in the removal of impacted ​wisdom teeth​, and is supported by registered nurses and anaesthetists.

When is wisdom teeth removal required?

Wisdom teeth usually (but not always) emerge between the ages of 17 to 25 years, but in some people, these back molars erupt at an angle and start pushing against an adjacent tooth which can cause pain and irritation in the gum and cheeks. This known as impaction (impacted wisdom teeth) and can lead to one or more of many issues, including:

  • ‘Food traps’ which can cause cavities, tooth decay and damage to other teeth.
  • Gum infection (periodontal disease), jaw cysts and ulcers.
  • Resorption cavities which can damage nerves and may require the extraction of other teeth.
Upper teeth are more likely than lower teeth to impact, however, wisdom teeth on either or both the upper and lower jaws may impact and require ​wisdom teeth removal in Toowoomba​.

While impacted wisdom teeth erupt fully through the gum surface (but don’t erupt naturally), another common reason for ​wisdom tooth extraction​ is to treat issues relating to wisdom teeth that grow through the surface of the gum but don’t erupt fully. When this happens, it can lead to pericoronitis, a gum condition with painful and potentially dangerous symptoms that include bad breath and swollen, irritated or infected gum tissue in the area immediately surrounding the tooth.

Wisdom teeth treatment

Your dentist can explain your wisdom teeth treatment options, including ​wisdom teeth removal​ by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, if the tooth is ready to remove. Depending on the tooth development and the severity of the issue, immediate extraction may be required or it may be advisable to postpone surgery until the tooth has erupted further.

As an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon and ​wisdom teeth removal specialist​, Dr Andrew MacMillan offers ​wisdom tooth extraction​ at our ​​​Toowoomba clinics. Referred consultations are bulk billed and you may also be covered by your private health insurer.

To book a consultation or learn more about your options concerning wisdom teeth removal in Toowoomba, please contact us today​.