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Eye Tech Day Surgeries

One of the nurses from Eye Tech Day Surgeries will phone the day before your surgery to confirm time of your admission and fasting details.

Please note that you will need to fast from midnight the night before – this includes water / tea / coffee and chewing gum.

Arrangements to Make

Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home after the surgery, and have a responsible adult stay with you at home overnight.

Documents to bring

  • Your post-operative medication,
  • Your Medicare Card,
  • Your private health fund membership details if relevant and
  • A method of payment for account settlement. If paying by cash please have the exact amount as change will not be available.

The night before your surgery

If you need to take essential medications, you must do so with no more than a sip of water.

If you smoke, you are advised to refrain from smoking the day before your surgery.

Before you leave home

  • Shower or bathe.
  • You may brush your teeth but do not swallow any water or toothpaste.
  • You may use deodorant, but do not use talcum powder, face creams, make-up, perfumes, sunscreens or aftershaves.
  • Remove all nail polish and do not wear makeup.
  • Wear flat shoes and comfortable loose clothing.


Parking is available in the Secure Park car park on North Street - Please visit the Secure Parking website to arrange parking as they are an independent company. Street parking is also available but very limited. Instructions for patient pick up will be given by Eye Tech Day Surgery staff the day before your scheduled surgery, during your pre-op call.

On Arrival

Eye Tech reception is located on the fifth floor of St Andrews Place, directly opposite the lift. Please present yourself to the administration desk upon arrival.


After surgery you will be taken to the recovery bay then to sitting recovery. Once you are fully recovered you will be offered light refreshments and beverages in coordination with your post-op instructions. Your carer will be contacted by the recovery staff and be given directions to the recovery lounge and your post-op instructions will be discussed with you and you carer. You will receive a courtesy phone call from our nursing staff the Monday following your procedure.